Flava Unit’s and VH1’s Single Ladies

Flava Unit’s and VH1’s Single Ladies

Flava Unit’s and VH1’s Single Ladies

Flava Unit’s and VH1’s Single Ladies

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Safiya Oni is a hip hop and r&b Singer/Songwriter from Atlanta, GA who goes by the mononym, "Oni". Born in Toronto, Ontario her primary vocal range is mezzo-soprano. On October 11th, 2012, (10-11-12) her debut single "Ride or Die" was officially released on her own label Oni Music Group. Oni's melodies and lyircs bring the production to life and give a description of a type of character rarely seen these days, loyalty. Her official debut EP entitled "The Beauty Of Loyalty" was released on December 12th, 2012 (12-12-12) and can be downloaded for free at SafiyaOni.com.

Oni first stumbled upon music learning how to play the piano by ear at the tender age of 4 years old. Her fan following is over 50,000 that was built in less than just 3 years, independently. This all started from her very first YouTube video of an original a Capella piece entitled "Has Anybody Ever" a song written about the aftermath of her ex-fiance's pleading with her to forgive him for nearly killing her and to give him another chance; neither of which she did. The piece was filmed in black and white featuring Oni being nude in a steamy candle lit bubble bath.

After the nearly fatal incident, Oni took off for Atlanta, Georgia and completely fell in love with the city. She now calls it her second home. In further pursuit of her career to get to the next level she did everything from endless auditions, local commercials, modeling with Derek Blanks and background singing for major artists. It was a meeting with entertainment exec Debra Antey of Mizay Entertainment who told Oni that she was very marketable. This inspired Oni to be more relentless with the business of music using her beauty to her advantage. She formed her own music and arts company dedicated to inspiring the world with gut wrenching music while keeping the power with the artists. Oni also began a children's foundation in November 2011 that supports organizations who rescue North American children from human trafficking and exploitation; a cause very dear to her heart.

Her mentor is hip hop pioneer Chuck D of Public Enemy. Vibe Magazine, Interscope, Def Jam, Island Def Jam, Jay Z's Roc Nation, hollywood actress Keke Palmer, 2Pac's legendary group The Outlaw's and Grammy award winning producers the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League all follow her on Twitter along a few other 12,000 people. She is also the muse and friend of rap artist Havoc (Mobb Deep).

Oni is currently recording her second EP which is being released in Fall 2014. This project is gearing to be really gritty, very open and ultra melodic. It's going to have a lot of surprises, audience engaging releases, include her very first official music video and more.


Official Website : SafiyaOni.com

Facebook : SafiyaOniMusic

Twitter : SafiyaOni

Youtube : SafiyaOniTV